Pictures of the X2 progress in chronological order

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

X5: new gears

Its been a while since I have updated the site, but I am still working hard on my cars. I have installed steel gears on the X5 to help reduce the chances that I will destroy a set of gears on my next run. I am also getting a new set of Thunder Power 12s 40c 3200 batteries for my next test session.

I am currently in the process of buying a new house. My wife and I should be moved in the next couple weeks and I should be able to test again.

I've also put together a new set of tires for the X2. These tires are based on a 1/8 scale on road tire and are much harder than the drag racing tire I have been using. I will test these new tires on the X2 next time I go out testing. Stay tuned!