Pictures of the X2 progress in chronological order

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New car - The "X3"

Well, if you guys have been following my progress you have seen that I have been having some bad luck with my car. I have been disappointed with myself that I haven't reached the speeds that I wanted. The heavy motor in the suspension system doesn't allow the shocks to compensate fast enough for the rough surface. I believe that is why my wheels would keep blowing. Too much sprung weight. I have been thinking of a new car to use. I have decided on an OFNA Ultra GTP. It is a 4wd shaft drive 1/8 scale gas buggy. I am going to convert it to fit the Neu 2215. This car is much heavier, but much beefier. It should be able to handle the 7hp (5000 Watt) Neu 2215. I already have the car and I started to layout the electronics. I am calling it "X3". I have designed the motor mount and it is being fabricated now.

"X3" This is the initial layout of the components. It is messy because its not permanent. I want to be able to move the electronics around until I find the best placement.
"X2" on top, "X3" on the bottom
"X2" is on the back burner...for now.

"X2" in its last testing interation

I am not completely abandoning the "X2" design. I know it has a lot of potential but for now it requires too much tweaking to attain the speeds I would like in the time frame given. I am putting it on the back burner for now and I will return to it in the future.