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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Update: Sending out designs

It has been a couple weeks, so here is an update:

The drawings for the chassis components have been sent to be made. Matt Shumaker has a CNC machine that he will use to make a hole template. I can use this template to guide the critical locations of the holes in the chassis. I will be able to use this template to make future chassis. He is also going to donate some 3mm carbon fiber. Thanks Matt!

The drawings for the machined aluminum parts (hubs and motor clamps) have been sent to Darren at Aggressive Technologies. The hubs must be extremely balanced to survive the 22,000 rpms they will encounter during the 200mph run.

I have the batteries, chargers and balancer thanks to Thunder Power!

I have contacted Steve Neu at Neu Motors about making a custom 2215 1.5Y for my car. It looks promising as they have said the design is possible.

I have been in contact with Joe Ford at Castle Creations about an HV-110 speed control. They have been very excited and helpful with getting a speed control.

So far so good. The CAD design is finalized and getting all the parts manufactured and put together is the next step. Check back again to see more updates.

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