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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boycott Dymond

It has come to my attention that Helmut Goestl of Dymond Modelsport has a class action lawsuit against Castle Creations and Thunder Power batteries.

These two great companies, Thunder Power and Castle Creations are my sponsors. The have supplied me with components that work flawlessly during my testing.

The class action suit has to do with Mr. Goestl saying that Castle Creations products and Thunder Power products aren't made in the USA. They represent the best of American technology. I support Castle and Thunder Power 100%. Please do Castle Creations, Thunder Power and myself a favor and boycott Dymond Modelsport and anything Mr. Goestl is associated with. Read the links in this article to get the whole story. Thanks for everyone's support.

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Anonymous said...

I have a problem with the statment Made in the USA, If they said manufactured in the USA, I could see the case. Look at baking a cake, its made by bringing ingredients together. My point is that a cake is not manufactured, its made. Same as the castle and TP products, Yes they may use manufactured products from outside the U.S., But they ARE "Made in the U.S.A, In my opinion