Pictures of the X2 progress in chronological order

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Video: X2 hits 97 mph

I tested the X2 on November 30th and had some really good luck with the car. I limited the center shock travel so the motor plate wouldn't scrape the ground. I managed 97 mph on 8s. Everything went well except the very high winds we encountered that day. You will notice in the video that I was driving the X2 in the opposite direction that its usually run. The wind was either a cross wind or a head wind. I think the wind had something to do with the speeds that day.

I was doing a couple test passes when I did the 97 mph pass. Unfortunately the video equipment didn't catch the 97 mph run. Once the equipment was running, I did some more passes but could not get another 97 mph run. The next 4-5 passes were all at about 91-92 mph.

I am planning to test this weekend weather permitting. I am going to step up to 12s. I am also going to reduce the upsweep of the rear end of the body to reduce some downforce and drag. I am hoping for some triple digits. The layout of the car is similar to what I ran at Rockingham on 12s:


RC Boca said...

Great Video! Wish there was more!

Nick Maslowski said...

I am working on it!