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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Video: First low speed test run of "X2"

This is the first low speed ground test of my project "X2" Insane Speed Run car. This test was to mainly check for radio range, ESC setup and testing area. I didn't even have the body on for these tests. In this video I wasn't driving the car, John Stranahan was driving so I could record the video of the car in action(You can see him doing some donuts in the early part of the video). This was the fastest he or I let the car go. We didn't want to go too fast for our initial tests. He helped me a great deal this morning with the final preparations to get the car running. A couple things to note; The car is completely silent. Since there are no gears the only sound the car makes is when it scraped some rocks on the ground or the chassis scrapes from bottoming out. The biggest problem is setting up the HV-110 for the car. Now there is nothing wrong with the controller. The Castle Creations HV-110 works perfectly, its just that its been designed for planes and not for cars. Its difficult, but Nic Case has been helping me set-up this controller. The problem is that I have to hold the brakes or the car will take off. Basically, full brakes is neutral and anything less than full brakes is throttle. Nic Case has offered a solution:
I just read your post.
If you need a little help tuning your radio with the 110----- here is what I know............

(the HV is for planes, so it naturally wants to go from 0% to 100%-- like a stick. But a pistol radio goes from -100% to neutral to + 100%------------) you will not be able to actually get it to "coast" , it will go from 1% forward to brake--- no neutral.
The trick is to try to the trigger to fell like a "car"

First, in your Castle Link, set it up like the attached.

On the radio it self, turn the throttle end points down to 75%.
From here turn you car on (4s- no tires) and play with the sub trim to try to find neutral.

If you can not adjust the radio to find neutral at your trigger---- you may have to hook a rubber band round the trigger to pull it to full brake.

Hope this helps
Good luck
With these 8s Thunder Power cells and this HUGE Neu 2215 motor, the car will break the tires loose at just 1% throttle. In this video, John and I never got more than 5% throttle out of this car in fear of spinning out due to the massive power.
The black tire marks are from the traction compound that we applied to the tires earlier. You can see it coming off the tire and absorbing into the asphalt surface.
This is the testing area. Its a newly paved parking lot. This area in the picture is about 100 yards. You can see John in the distance testing radio range of our transmitters.

The first low speed ground test of my project "X2" went really well. Master Mechanic John Stranahan helped me out this morning. We didn't test for high speed but we tested the electronics, the range and checked out the testing area.

I think this first test was a success. The car was moving great and I didn't break anything! The next order of business is to fix the throttle issue. Also, I have to complete the rear fairing and vertical stabilizers. The next test will include the aero package and higher speeds. Hopefully next weekend the weather will be just as good as today.


Benjamin James said...

This is lookin really sweet Nick. Best of luck to your team and you!

David Cook said...

That is a great first pass Nick
great work.

Sabra said...

what kind of motor are you using? please email me back at good luck!