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Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm updating the site

I am going to make some big changes with my website. I started this website to keep a detailed record of all the fast RC car projects people are in progress. I also wanted to keep a detailed report of all the high speed events and have all that info in one place. But when I started on my project "X2" and detailing all of my progress, people were getting confused on who was making what car. For example, when Jalopnik reported on my car, they thought it was Nic Case who was making it:

Most full sized vehicles can't hit 200 mph, let alone radio controlled cars (in actual miles per hour, not scale). But Nic Case hopes his X2, currently in development, will do just that. Current holder of RC car speed record of 134.4 mph, Nic's goal is nevertheless an optimistic one. Powered by a 29.6 Volt direct drive motor, the X2's theoretical top speed is 274 mph, but that's without any drag generated by friction with the road or air. Special foam tires capable of withstanding the incredibly high RPMs keep the diminutive car in contact with the track, while a gyroscope manipulates rudders to automatically keep it in a straight line. A video of the X2 running shakedown tests follows the jump.

So after reading this, I am going to change the website to show just my updates for my car. I will move all the other posts to a new website.

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for about 3-4 months and it is very intersting and enlightening and i would like to congradulate you on that.

What is the new site url? Or is it not completed yet?

Regards, Matt