Pictures of the X2 progress in chronological order

Monday, February 18, 2008

Testing today - better traction

X2 testing on 2-17-08

X2 Testing 2-17-08 video 2
This picture shows the locations of testing on 2-9 and 2-17. Running on the drag racing surface was very slick for foam tires. Running on the bare concrete in the shutdown area yielded much greater traction.
Pass 1
Pass 2 and 3
Pass 3 and 4
Pass 5 and 6

Sunny and I went to Houston Motorsport Park to do some more testing. This time we did our testing on the shutdown area of the 1/8 mile track. The shutdown area wasn't covered in rubber and VHT. It was found that the drag racing surface too slick and yielded no traction. The concrete surface yielded much more traction. I was able to get a few runs in to hit about 50 mph. I didn't push the X2 too much. We ran out of time for testing this day so next time I can push the X2 even further.

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