Pictures of the X2 progress in chronological order

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Testing today - another blowout!

Carnage from tire failure
Closeup of damage
Data from fastest passes of session 1
Data from fastest passes of session 2
Data from tire blow out pass.

Pass 1

Pass 2

Pass 3

Radar pass 1

Radar pass 2

Radar pass 3


Well, I had some higher speeds today and good traction. But I also had a tire explode. This is exactly what I wanted to fix since this happened last July. This is why I made my own tire. The way this new tire failed is exactly how the last tires failed. The X2 even made the same sound right before the wheel exploded.

I do have another set of tires that I custom made that might work . These wheels are a solid piece of aluminum with a setscrew to hold onto the motorshaft. They dont use hubs. I want to try these out next testing session.

Im not sure why this failure is happening. I dont know if the tire is out of balance. I made sure to accurately balance these tires.

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