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Sunday, April 27, 2008

X3 body


Terry said...

Hi there... been a while since I have commented. I commented in the past because I was concerned about unsprung mass... the motor not being sprung by the suspension. I agree that the spinning causes blowouts, but the unsprung mass exacerbates the problem. When all of that mass hits an uneven surface, something has to give. Either the tire has to give by flexing or breaking, or your suspension is likely going to skip even higher if the tire does not give causing more time for the wheel to rotate at high RPM.

I think you have made a wise move, Nick. I think you will want to reintroduce other design aspects you were working on. I liked that variable wing.


Nick Maslowski said...

I take forever on these comments...I apologize.

Thanks for the comments Terry. If you have seen the latest entry in my blog, you saw how my car decided to become air born on the fastest pass of the day. I think that variable wing would help out now...

I am fixing the suspension so I can change the attitude of the chassis. I need to make sure the chassis never has a positive angle of attack. Thats what caused my blow over. I have stiffer springs on order and I am going to change the limits of the suspension and ride height.