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Saturday, April 26, 2008

X3 Update

Its been a while since I updated. Here is the status of the X3 so far. Everything is installed. The motor mount looks and works well. My father made the prototype mount for the Neu 2215/3Y. You can see the gearing looks very radical. This is because the low KV of the motor. Its only 480 Kv. So I need a large ratio to get as close to a final ratio of 1:1 as I can. Right now it is a 32 pitch 64 tooth pinion and a 36 tooth spur.

I've done a couple low speed passes on the street in front of my house and the only problem I see is that the pinion gear is not locking into place like it should with the setscrew. It comes loose after only a few passes. I removed the pinion and I noticed that the metal on the shaft of the motor where the setscrew would tighten down is dented. I think the steel on the motor shaft is too soft. It isn't hardened steel. If this is the case I will need to take it back to Neu to get a hardened steel shaft. This will make sure the pinion gear doesn't come loose. But this will also set back my testing schedule a couple weeks. I am going to file down the flat in the motor shaft a little more to see if I can fix the problem.

I made a quick video of the X3 doing some low speed testing in front of my house. The X3 sounds loud. I didn't expect it to be that loud. I am using stainless steel gears after all. I apologize for the angle of the video. I got a new camera and it wasn't setup to record properly.

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