Pictures of the X2 progress in chronological order

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rained out

Well, today was rained out, but it looks like the weather should be better tomorrow. I'm hoping we'll have nice weather to get a go at some good speed runs. In the meantime, I have taken some pics of the current iteration of the X3:

Some changes since the last pictures I posted are that I added some Lexan side body supports to help stabilize the body at high speeds. I installed the gyro up front in the foam bumper. I also cut the rear section out of the body to help any air flow through and out the back. I also installed large vertical stabilizers to keep the X3 from fishtailing at high speeds.

The X3 is ready to go for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey... I love what you're doing here. I think the fact that you are an aerospace engineer will give you a huge advantage over other people attempting the record. You havn't scrapped the X2 idea for the X3 have you? I loved the look of the X2 and I hate the drivtrain in 4wds like the X3 (hehe, no offence)... Too much loss. Also I'd like to congradulate you on showing some balls haha, in sharing your general esc and motor specs etc... no-one else that I've found on the internet does that for these types of cars. I love this area of the hobby. If I had the money I'd be doing something very similar. Again, I have all my faith in you to smash the record because I know how vital aerodynamics are at these speeds and you are the perfect person for that. Curious, what car have you sacrificed for your steering end? Email me at and good luck with your car!