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Saturday, May 31, 2008

X3 Testing today - 79 mph

stainless steel pinion gear teeth wearing out

Today went well. Since my last testing day I had changed the suspension to get the chassis so the front was lower than the rear to try to resist blow over. I also attached a splitter to the front end to help create down force. This did help as I was able to go faster without blow over. But, I was able to see blow over about to happen at around 79mph. I had to back off the throttle to make sure the X3 didn't take flight. It looks as though the X3 still wants to blow over even with the front splitter and the suspension changes. I want to modify the front end some more to apply more down force and change the rear end to reduce down force and drag.

The data recorder didn't work. It was unfortunate that I wasn't able to get data from my Eagle Tree recorder.

I have some aerodynamic changes to make to keep the X3 from blowing over and I will be out testing again.

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