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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Testing results from 7-12-08. 83 mph. Motor problems

What the motor should look like

After doing some high speed runs. The motor endbell has slid off.

This post is a week late since I've been pretty busy lately. But I wasn't able to get any faster than 83mph. I made some changes since the last testing session. I removed all the data logging equipment, I modified the body and I removed the heavy stainless steel gear and replaced it with a lightweight delrin gear.

After doing the last pass of the test session, I noticed the power of the motor decreasing. I removed the body and I took a look at the motor and I noticed the end of the can was sliding off. It came loose during the runs. You can see this in the second picture of the motor. It has come off about 5mm from where it should be. Neu Motors has addressed this problem with their newer motors and has secured the endbell with screws like the motor below (the pic is a Neu 1515 but I will need this on my 2215):

I am going to have to send the motor back to Neu to get it repaired. I think this is the problem with not being able to get a higher speed. I should be able to reach at least 90 mph on 8s.

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