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Sunday, July 27, 2008

X2 is back

I have been working on some changes for the X2 while I have been testing the X3. This past Saturday, I tested some new wheels. These wheels were taken from the OFNA Ultra GTP and I modified them to accept 1/10 scale clamping hubs. Then I trued the tires down to 3.5" in diameter from 4".

Here are some videos of the X2 doing some low speed passes from this Saturdays testing:

Some people have mentioned to me the reason why I have been blowing up tires is from all the sprung weight of the motor within the suspension. I do agree with this. But I have to wonder if the problem is still the design of the car, or a problem with the tires. If you take a look at Nic Case's prototype from last year, you can see that neither the front end or rear end has suspension:

Nic was supposedly able to reach 130mph with this car and his wheels are half the diameter of my tires. So it seems like the tires aren't the limiting factor in these high speed r/c cars. I will still be working on the X2 as my main car for the high speed event, but the X3 will be a backup. I will be doing some more testing with different tires and I will post my progress here.

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